Little Things You Love

Norco Maniac

Is back!
The death of the evil, abusive, controlling, narcissistic, delusional shit-stain that was Mrs George's ex-husband. I don't wish death on anybody, and I feel a little self conscious about making this a LTIL, but this oxygen theif was something else and there's much relief that Mrs George no longer has to look over her shoulder everywhere she goes. He kicked her and their 6 month old daughter out of his home, then proceeded with constant threats of retribution. It took Mrs George many years to regain confidence in herself before she could move on. About 5 years ago he 'reconnected' with my now step-daughter, and then tried exactly the same abusive controlling bullshit on her. Around 6 months ago even I received one of his 'special messages' in which he detailed how ugly our boys were, how useless we were as parents and how my treatment of his daughter disgusted him, all designed to make me feel threatened because he was 'watching me'. Didn't work, and it was only out of respect to Mrs George that I didn't engage and shove the keyboard he hid behind square up his arse.
Hearing you. I've been divorced from my first husband for 18 years, a year longer than we were together, and he's STILL the gift that keeps on giving.

I do enjoy watching him squirm when current hubs walks into the room - current hubs is over a foot taller, 25kg of muscle heavier, and 20 years younger.

The best revenge is success.