Little Things You Love


Queensland had 3 mths of warning people about the cameras to detect seatbelts and mobile phones - Up until end of October you got a picture and a notice but no penalties for being caught by the cameras. It has been all over Facebook and multiple groups I am in report where they have seen new cameras added and when.

$1.7 million dollars in fines for the first 3 weeks of November.
All the GoPro users filming themselves on the way to the trails.


Call me Ken, whoreken
Let's be honest. Statistically, your odds of randomly encountering an active user of Rotorburn on the streets are about equivalent to those of getting struck by lightning on a cloudless day.
Are you saying RB is not the most wildly popular platform around…? I’ve been misinformed….


Is not a gynaecologist but will look at your fork
Driving along I see 30-40 linen bags from a well known linen/workware/hospital gowns supplier spread all along the side of the road in the left lane.

I call the local branch, tell them what’s up

“Fuxkin Frank, they are all over Heidelberg road too. Didn’t see the trolley cart did you?”

Someone had a bad day and didn’t close the door on their truck