Little Things You Love


cancelled Easter
If you have room for it/them I can give you she oaks that are off to a good start in 200mm pots. I haven't had the chance to do the planting I was planning because of lockdowns. Seed was collected from the Maribyrnong valley.
Thanks for the offer mate! That would be awesome but I think they might end up a tad too big for the space we have.
Currawongs are a bird without fear. I've had them sit on my table and steal god from plates/hands before. It's fine when you have a lot of cake, but when it's near the end...
We are so stoked because I can’t remember seeing them in our immediate area before and to have them decide our yard is a cool place to hang out is a real treat.


Feelin' a bit rrranty
What a night last night in addition to the moto gp and F1, Dylan Alcott won the US open to secure a golden slam. Well done that man, love your work. And Sam won women's doubles too...
Big weekend! Fucking Wallabies finally won a game too, and Medvedev pissed all over Novak's party stopping him from getting the calendar slam and the major titles record :D And Sam Kerr scored a brace for Chelsea too.