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Alan Jones's 80th birthday marked a new low in his ratings. In his first week on air in the 8pm time slot last year Jones was averaging 84,750, but by week 22 his average had dropped to 59,250.

This week he fell to 45,000, his lowest ever figure, behind Peta Credlin on 67,000, Andrew Bolt on 60,000 and Paul Murray on 51,000. As Sky After Dark’s flagship show, which was meant to attract subscriptions, the Jones figures are worrying for Sky chief Paul Whittaker.

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Wow great video. Amazing to see how cool those guys are and just how fit and strong they are. You can hear how fast the rebound is in chimpy's fork, it would almost be uncontrollable for any mere human.

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@chimpy and Deano were both on fire today. Lead switched back and forward until stage 6. Jack must have had an off or a mechanical.
Was awesome to see the big men fly on the Mt Beauty tracks.


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From 2 posts up...Chimpy dropped a chain on a stage where a chain is quite handy. Bugger.
I started watching his race vlog. Laughed at the post first race banter about a couple of 'french' lines. Baguette straight corners or not, the boys are quick!