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Our man isn't in the West
There's many a good cider in Tassie!

But my favourite Tassie brew is these:

JFC they're good!
Without turning this thread into the booze thread...and having it dogged by the mods, this is the best adults only beverage coming out of Tasmania.



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Níl aon tóin tinn mar do thóin tinn féin
LTIH - Wolftooth Light action dropper lever, the I-Spec EV 'T-nut' is made of butter grade aluminium, looks to have the screw caught by only 5 metric fine threads.

The lever fell off, the threads were all stripped out on the T-nut.

The local bike shop had nothing that was I-Spec EV but did have SRAM Matchmaker.

So for anyone with IS-EV, SRAM MM will fit perfectly onto your Shimano brakes by filing the bottom of the T-nut round to match the shape of your brake clamp and the screw needs about 1mm filed off to stop it hitting your handlebars. Took 5 minutes to modify and refit.

LTIL- SRAM and Shimano having interchangeable parts.

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Sunsets in Autumn. Just after daylight savings ends. Something nice about the colors and glow matching up with leaving work.
Indeed. And riding home in semi dark having forgotten about the daylight savings thing and not putting the headlight back on the bike...

Also, looking forward to riding across wet plane tree leaves on corners...

But it is quite scenic :)