Little Things You Love


does it have a production serial number on it, that will rule out custom build
looks like a cross between Morewood and a Santa Cruz...definitely not an Orange, not enough pie tins used!
No idea of serial numbers, Binner has it at the moment and don't want to hassle him after he got the frame for me.


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I really should quit riding. I’m just dragging down the overall average :(
Don't you dare, I'm thinking of making a comeback... besides it's fun practicing with the kids, well at least while we can keep up. Not counting Felix, no one can keep up with him.

Thinking of getting another DH bike but I'm a few years off super masters, I'm too unfit and broken for pedalling Enduro, maybe Ebike class but that is being taken over by ex elite DH riders ;)
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I choo choo chose 29
Super masters next year for me. Competition isn’t looking that much less threatening. To it now and keep riding, or in a couple of years you’ll be shite.

Actually.....wait a couple of years.