Little Things You Hate


Runs naked through virgin scrub
Josh Carlsons commentary wow, bugger

Also put 8 hours rebuilding a Scott Genius for the collective to find out why it was left outside under a tree for a year. The proprietary Scott "pull" shock is blown and rebuild + lever is $400+
Yeah, I had a mate with one of those and it's not worth the cost of fixing them.


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I've had my bike for a little while, went to top up the Stans and realised I have what seems to be the presta valves with non removable cores. Never realised before we got to Bright and I guess the cold temps helped the air escape. Just fitted a new rear tyre too and should have noticed but must have been in auto pilot.


has an accommodating arse
YEah, it's fucking horrible, that thing. The worst part was the crackling/gurgling of the lungs as you're trying to sleep the irresistible, literally irresistible urge to cough as soon as you lay down. 3 weeks for my wife and I.

I still haven't had covid yet, but I think I can fairly say that this was eleventy thouzillion times worse.
I’m into week two… Still gurgling

pink poodle

Thank you everyone - Success! Apparently I had an unusually long appendix.

I used my time to research ebikes... The Cannondale Monterra looks good.

Easy on the endone there @Jabubu! You are still a health man. That eeeeeeeb might sound like the solution to your lack of riding, but if you aren't riding much now and are about to kick off a new is the eeeeb going to get you on the trail more?

Also, there is some pretty sharp eeeeeb value to be had from mondraker as well.