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Most people got a basic load of fluoride as a kid in tap water, but I grew up in the bush on dam and tank water. And back in the mid 70s in rural Victoria Mum just didn’t know and wasn’t told about it. While they are hippies, Mum at least is scientifically literate and totally would have fed my brother and I the fluoride tablets had she known. But as it is, I’m a poster boy for why fluoridated water is a thing…

"More than a decade after the Newman LNP government handed decision-making on water fluoridation to local governments, 51 out of 77 councils do not have fluoridated water, including major regional centres such as Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Mackay and Cairns. " (but 72% of people have access)

My first 5 years of life were in Mildura. Then I had some truly terrifying student dentist experiences. I was screwed from the start.

When we moved here 13 years ago they had just started putting fluoride in Mildura's water. And didn't the unedumacted yokels go to town on that. "Its rat poison" was the loudest. Stickers everywhere protesting their "lack of rights". Retards. Doesn't help us any because similar to Haarkers we are on rain water and pumped straight out of the river irrigation water.

Then, on top of that, getting the kids teeth checked and the dentist has identified a genetic condition where the enamel is soft on the pre-molars and back teeth.


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My teeth are screwed and no one but myself is to blame. I was the can of coke a day kid and those stupid muesli bars full of sugar, then the electrolyte drinking from the mining industry full of sugar. Over the years I had fillings that leaked and the holes just got bigger and bigger each time they were replaced. The last 2 root canals I had done were well over $2000 each.
That’s about the going rate for root canals. I’ve 5 done, possibly looking at another soon.


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Back in the late 80's, early 90's we chewed chewing gum with sugar in it. I don't eat sweet stuff at all (but drink a shit load of beer), I had 1 crown in the early 90's and 2 x back teeth pulled. Since then basically nothing. 1 filling IIRC.

I did have a thick 'barrier' built on the back of my 2 front teeth a year ago as I they were getting thin due to wear and grinding, that has stopped the wear according to my dentist. I also go to the hygienist every 4 months as I have early onset gum disease on my back 3 teeth, top and bottom. She scrapes the roots with no anaesthetic... fucking painful but the next day, I feel like I have new teeth.

They reckon 90% of Aussies have some gum disease but don't do anything about it.
I've had laser surgery on my gums, I had gaps in the gum itself which apparently had been there a while. One of my front teeth has migrated a bit but I can't afford to do anything about it yet - I reckon that'll be $5k alone :S

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understaffed supermarkets. no checkouts open, even express land blocked with trolleys so a large shop through self checkout. then the gates decide not to open. they do respond to a good shove but its ridiculous it comes to this.

Shut up @tubby74 ! Those supermarkets are doing it tough at the moment while they continue to deliver excellent value and service to their valued customers. Its pinko lefty lies like this that have put them under all this unjustifiable scrutiny from and overreaching big brother government!

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Nooooooooooo. Had other shit to do. Got the biocycle pumped out Wed so that was lucky. Any 20t trucks driving here at the moment would be mine forever.
Had a lunch meeting scheduled for today ( ;) ) but localised road flooding makes that a journey I am no longer interested in. Ok in the 4wd but not a car with 0.01mm ground clearance.
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It has been raining so much since Christmas up the Sunshine Coast that I haven't ridden in ages. All the tracks are probably stuffed anyway. And the grass wont stop growing. Guess I'll just have to buy more bike parts.


People who think they don’t have to line up in left lane and then think can push in at the last minute, just because you put your blinker doesn’t mean I have to let you in because I won’t.
This happens every day on Dynon Road for the on ramp to the Bolte Bridge, to make it worse today it was a police car and no I still didn’t let them in, there wasn’t any flashing lights or sirens because I’m not a complete arsehole… well depends on who you ask ;)