Little Things You Hate


I worked in a bottle shop a while back and we were sent a bunch of Jim Beam truckers in the lead up to Christmas. So being a bit of a smart arse I had one I would wear when I was at work. I gave it the suicidal tendencies style brim bend to ensure I was still at the cutting edge of cool...after a few shifts of it a coworker hits me with the "I wouldn't have picked you for a Jim Beam kind of guy..."
Were you in Melbourne on Tuesday night Poodle?



Ask me about HoboBlo franchise opportunities
Retailers who are getting on board the black friday 'sales' train but putting up their retail prices to make the 'sale' price look better. One suspension shop had cheaper kitsuma shocks last week pre-black friday sales ffs.
Sooooo here is how its supposed to work
1) Often sales (especially Black Friday) will be off the RRP
2) Most things do not sell for RRP ever
3) They are supposed to represent the sale price as a saving from the normal selling price
Example:- Bike is $9999 RRP but bike has usually sold at $8999 and on special $8499 so when they work out the sale price it should be representitive of the average price it sells at $8749 so if the sale is actually 20% of RRP so $7999 a saving of $800 not $2000.
Now Harvey Norman got pinged for this so usually do it right - JB HiFi however never got pinged so usually do it wrong.

So the situation you see is retailers putting the price at the actual RRP of the product and then applying the discount - not the discount applied to the "Usual" selling price.

bear the bear

Is a real bear
I’ve bought a bunch of tools I’ve only used once or twice. And some I’ve yet to use.

For some reason that one just screams of personal failure. Or maybe it ass just me screaming…
I don't have a personal opinion on internal routing. It is what it is.
A lot of modern bikes have semi or full internal routing.
Running a fleet of bikes (Wife + son + me), the pain is worth the price of entry,,,,

As a side note, a friend who throws bike spanners professionally says that this is one of their main income generators due to the time factor of any bike that requires a front-end adjustment.