Little Things You Hate


Now it’s two things I hate
1 where you go to do a post and get distracted with it partially typed in, then reply to someone else and it’s still there :rolleyes:

2 People who let the sealant dry completely out.

Context to the story, I picked up a second bike and the wheels needed a little truing, which is something I am yet to master and I find the below. At first I thought it was the rim tape but no it’s sealant and as I am going to put some fresh stuff in, I better clean it out and start fresh.

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pink poodle

Our man isn't in the West
No, please, I beg of you, stop there.
Stomping the brown frog down the shower drain.

That said from what I have heard regarding this concoction, there isn't much need for stomping!

Also @tubby74 , I ate a curry and a steak (au poivre) with mushrooms and Brussels for you. You are well! Hope the system is churning out the good stuff for you.


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The puppy chewed my Dunlop kt26 shoes and I can't find any online that's not size 6.

Is this iconic shoe no more?

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"the KT-26 meets a number of critical Dad criteria such as low cost, stylish, inexpensive, blue in colour, minimal RRP, ready availability and budget-conscious price"