Sold Liteville 301 MK9 - Large


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Item: Liteville 301 MK9 - Large
Location: Geelong
Item Condition: Good, everything works, normal wear for a bike this old, still goes hard.
Reason for selling: not being used.
Price and price conditions: $1500 firm.
Extra Info:
X9/X0 1x10 drivetrain
XT brakes with Saint 4 pot front caliper
Reverb Stealth dropper
Hope hubs Stans Flow EX rims setup tubeless with freshish tires
RS Pike RCT3



Likes Bikes and Dirt
26 and 27.5 (although some tires are limited)

Will ship but may charge a little for packaging costs etc.

A MK11 frame which is quite similar sold on here (in probably better nick for over 1K so this is a ripper deal)
could arguably ask for more but I didn't pay heaps for this so keen to sell quickly and not greedy.