Lezyne Super GPS computer (or similar)


I am thinking of a Lezyne or similar GPS computer for the roadie, and have two questions:

Currently on the roadie I have a Cateye Strada Slim basic bike computer and use iPhone to link to Strava for elevation etc on all rides.
I like the basic computer as it has two functions I consider essential:
  • Accurate speed with the wheel sensor - when I compare GPS speeds on a ride the GPS accuracy for speed seems way off.
  • Odometer always running - I like to keep good track of how many KMs I ride on the roadie, and will reset the computer to record away from home base, so I can have accurate data on repeatable sections.

If I get a Lezyne or something, do the GPS units record speed from a wheel sensor, or from satellite GPS connection? I like to sprint downhills, and short sections and compare top speed so GPS is surely less accurate in those situations. Can I add a wheel speed sensor for better accuracy?

Does a GPS unit always keep odometer data for ALL riding even if you don't have the record function set?


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Most decent units, there is a data field that shows to the sensor as primary and gps as secondary.


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I have a lezyne super. Stock standard the speed reading is GPS, but it can bluetooth connect to a whole bunch of stuff (phone, HR monitor, DI2 etc). You may be able to set it up that way.

It's a great GPS for the money.


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I have a lezyne micro gps. It is insanely feature packed for something so small and the screen very high Res. Lasts easily 15 hours with Bluetooth connection to my phone and live updates to online link, link to hrm strap and wheel speed sensor. Very happy with it.


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I have a Magellan Cyclo 505 for a few years now. Its being faultless for me, but battery life is about 7 hours now.


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The fat one got a Lezyne "SUPER GPS".... and damn it be fine. Due to... well, the shi*t stain is getting old and needs glasses most of the time... The Lezyne has had a solid number of updates (firmware.... yeah, it was firm) to improve it... and seriously, the app (is that what you kids call it now?) has been awesome... If you more interested in current colour screen data... then there are other options... but if you want a solid (seriously Tokyo GPS tracking is a shitstorm - so many tall radio reflective building lining the sh(t stained route) ) after ride beer review of your ride.... the porcinated one pushes your tiny (like trump) hands way to purchase it.....