I like the idea of building some of these Lego kits but fark me the prices make my eyes water more than stepping on an errant Lego on the way to the dunny in the depths of a dark winter's night


Saw this new kit announced on a Melbourne based Lego supplier this morning. View attachment 389325
It is certainly getting some attention on Lego groups on FB. Looks interesting.

Seeing I have the first three Ultimate supercars, I may consider selling my Bugatti Chiron to make room for this set.

Update - I will sell my Mack Anthem and Land Rover Defender to swap into the new Ferrari. PM if interested in them.
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Dales Cannon

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Prewound the winches and tied them off with rubber bands while the masts and boom get installed. Stripped the side out of the carbody to get access to winches 1-3.

Had some help with the winding bit...

Wrapped the excess on a card to help with threading it through the various places it has to go.
Added slew motors and boxed in the front of the carbody.

Everything now back on the frame and carbody and ready to rig the main boom.

Probably a tomorrow job now.


Hi guys, I am getting rid of two sets:
Mack Anthem 42078 - this one is now discontinued. Used, with instructions and box.
Land Rover Defender 42110 - Used with instructions and box.
PM me if you are interested. I'm in Sydney, pickup preferred.



Dales Cannon

The Olden Dazed
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I laid the boom forward a little and lowered the luffing fly to get the height down. Worked really well, down from 1.99m to 1.90m. Ah well looks like it is still on the floor.

The lowering had a bad effect on balance though I have had to add 350g of counterweight in the counterweight. Luckily I seem to have quite a few spare 1/2" 20 chrome wheel nuts from something or other.

I will move the crane into the study before I finish reeving it. The bouncing around gets the lines all twisted up and I need to redo it anyway. Just looking for a suitable load to hang off the main hook.

Bit hard to get a feel for the size of the thing but those tiles are 350mm square.