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Where did you get it?
Found it years ago, in amongst piles of junk when we were cleaning up after my Grandad has passed away. None of his kids remembered it, so it ended up mine.

It’s a weird thing, the body is moulded plastic, possibly then floorpan too - but the wheels are chrome plated steel. I had no idea what it was/how old it was until I flipped it over.

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Little Sender commenced his engineering degree yesterday. He bought the Mclaren Senna with his birthday money and it's his first Technic set. He's been bringing it to me to show me all the details. We found a tik-tok the other day about the capacity of car engines, he understood what I was explaining, and then brought over the engine he just built to get me to explain how it was relevant to the capacity thing I was talking about.

I'm just off to hide the spanners before Mrs George finds her car in pieces.......


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If you gotta be an engineer be one with some level of mechanical sympathy. You'll last 2 weeks before the trades poeple string you up for the things you design as a graduate.

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Bought a new MOC for the Ovlov articulated dump truck. I had made it into a grader and now a tractor! The MOC is not as clear and easy as others but nothing more than the odd jump ahead to see where a pin goes or which bit is which.

I have ordered more wheels/tyres to double up the front too. The MOC has a grain hopper trailer which is not to keeping with the size and power of the tractor so I will make up a heavy ripper frame or foldable tilling implement that is more in keeping. Stay tuned.


Saw the Eifel Tower built today - Quite underwhelming actually - Whilst I appreciate it - the things looks like a grey blob (I know like the tower itself) - Removed from wish list now :)
The one I have added to my wish list having seen it in the flesh is the Harry Potter train set. Looks fantastic!!

Dales Cannon

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Attempt 1 to make an implement. Measured the tractor and compared with the real unit and came up with a scale of 21:1. Found some nice broadacre harrows but I don't have 96 discs to make the plough bits but I do have enough to make a heavy duty ripper frame. Quite a few trial and error fitups and came up with something that is getting close to looking the part but when connected to the tractor it is way too small. About the only thing that is ok are the road wheels. And they scale out under 20:1. Need to redo, making from scratch is frustrating but enjoyable too.