VIC KS Lev 27.2- 400mm long x 100mm travel SOLD

Big JD

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LEV has always represented the latest technology but is already a classic among top contending dropper posts. With a myriad of firsts to it’s name; first hydraulic dropper to offer zero cable movement, first dropper to offer adjustable rotational orientation, first dropper to win a UCI World XC Eliminator event and first in countless enduros, magazine tests and customer satisfaction polls, LEV comes back in 2015 ready to be the first dropper seatpost to outperform itself.

Diameter: 27.2mm
Length/Travel: 400mm/100mm
Actuation: KG remote w/zero movement cable system and the upgraded Southpaw ( )
Head/Rail: Zero offset two-bolt microadjustment/standard rail
Color: Black ano mast/black collar/hard anodized stanchion
Weight: 532g

Item: KS Lev 27.2 post
Location: Fairfield, VIC
Item Condition: great
Reason for selling: got a 30.9 bike with the right size post. Dont need this on the HT
Price and price conditions: $330 posted- retail is $550
Extra Info: nope
Pictures: as soon as I can get them uploaded

looks like this
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