I got a new bike - Kavenz VHP16


soft-arse Yuley is on the lifts again
I note yore not running the coil in that pic. Are you preferring air shock.

I’m on coil at the moment and loving it so far. Haven’t tried air yet though


Eats cheese. Sells crack.
kept the ohlins on, it’s running well. Hasn’t blown up yet either.
Swapped the 38 - 36
Picked up some Trickstuff brakes and swapped out the goodridge lines from the Shimano brakes. Had them for a couple of months now with the power+ pads and hope rotors. These things just work, no wondering bite point and the same predicable bite and feel every run wet or dry. If these can last 2 years plus I’ll be truely impressed.
Bars and tyres are both due for a refresh but apart from that there really isn’t anything to change - apart from a coil in fork at some point.


And a huck I posted in another thread.