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how are we all going?
old time users... *post +1*
hahah anyways
whats been happening latley
i am posting because next year i am moving to whistler... which is a big thing for me and i was wondering if anyone has been before or lives there and could tell me what its like and what the actual place is like. ill be riding and snow boarding and with a few mates and my lady and none of us have ever been so i was just wondering..



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your probably trying to remember my post count?
it was something stupid
and scott gave me 5000 for my birthday or something crazy like that fun times fun times
any canada?
should i buy a bike there? if so does anyone know if its cheapish?


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fuken me ded it fuzzy, how are you mate?
why u going to whistler? u still ride?

i guess its true that if u wish upon a falling star u're wish will come true, because last night i saw a falling star and fuzzy i wished you'd go as far away as possible from me AND NOW IVE HEARD URE GOING TO WHISTLER

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Fuzzy and Peachy in the same thread. Wotta trip! Soon we'll be seeing Gutty too!

Fuzzy, I lived out there for nearly 10 years, although I left almost 10 years ago as well, so a lot might have changed. It's expensive, but you'll never enjoy poverty so much in your life. Just try to hook up with people with no attitude, experiment with as much as you feel comfortabe with (and maybe every now and then leave your comfort zone and experiment with something you're not entirely comfortable with), be open, find yourself, make tons of friends, go to tons of parties, become a regular at some of the clubs there, don't spend all your time working so that you lose sight of why you're there in the first place, and either try to get a job that's FUN (get certified to instruct something, and try to get above the first level so you're not exclusively doing kids and beginners), or a job where you work at night (such as a cleaner) so every day you can rip it up on the mountains.

And use protection. Seriously.

Have fun!!!
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If my calculations are correct judging by your previous average post count, this is where you'd be today!


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Oh good god *Faints in sight of such high postcount!* Fuzzy you are my hero!
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Wow...That's some post count. I feel compelled to reply.

Arrived in July last year to volly at Crankworx and ride as much as possible, and I'm loving it. I'm here for another year at least.
Rent is expensive, and accomodation has become increasingly harder to find, especially in the lead up to winter, but there are a heap of Aussies over here, so I'm sure you between the lot of us, someone will know someone who is looking for a flatmate.
What do you do for work and when do you plan on arriving?

Can you bring some Milo? For some reason the imported stuff just tastes different.


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we dont know what we are planning for work i think were going to save up enough to last us a few months if we dont find work and try and find some over there? is there any places that are known for giving travelers work? or is it just find what you can?


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uuh can we get security over here. we have a two double-o six.
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Yo Fuzzy, you lucky bastard, are you still riding now? What time next year you moving, I should be up at Whistler for Aussie day, should have a decent crew to.

Good luck mate, if your keen for a spin before you go, give us a shout.


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riding 24 inch single speed ns metropolis *pops bikes collar*
just riding parks and dirt i can find for now
im looking at buying a bike over canada for riding there