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Hi all,

Finally got around to taking some pics of my new steed. I did away with the Specialized Enduro in the middle of last year to pursue some $$$ in the Air Force and buy an Ellsworth. Suffice to say when I hit home at the end of last year I dished out and got this:

Frame - Ellsworth Moment '08
Rear shock - Fox DHX 5.0 Air
Front shock/fork - Fox 36 TALAS RC2
Handlebars - Dangerboy mid-rise 7075
Stem - Syncros FL
Headset - Syncros FL Hardcore
Grips - ODI Oury's
Saddle - Syncros FL
Seatpost - Syncros micro-adjust carbon composite
Front brake - Hayes Stroker trail
Rear brake - Hayes Stroker trail
Cranks - Truvativ Stylo
Pedals - Shimano DX Flats
Front derailleur - SRAM X7
Rear derailleur - SRAM X9
Shifters - SRAM X7
Cassette - SRAM
Front hub - DICE Roulette
Rear hub - DICE Roulette
Front rim - Syncros FLR DS23
Rear rim - Syncros FLD DS23
Tyres - Syncros BHT's (waitin on some Maxxis)
Total weight - Sub 13 I rekon, will get back to you

I love this bike. I originally wanted (after a test ride) the Epiphany model, but since this one had an insane build for a great price I settled with it and haven't been dissapointed in the slightest. Such a versatile bike! Looking forward to tweaking it and getting the build just right. I'll keep you all posted with any adjustments.

Joel ;)


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:eek: yeah I'd say 13kg is a bit ambitious! That was a very rough guess as its probably more 14-15ish. That said, others have built these frames to around 26lbs (which is just over 11.5kg).

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What year Enduro did you have?
How does The Moment compare to that, up and down, oh and around?
Nice bike, always dreamt of one.


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What year Enduro did you have?
How does The Moment compare to that, up and down, oh and around?
Nice bike, always dreamt of one.
I had an 07 model Enduro.

The first major difference I noticed is pedalling: the suspension design is most definately superior because there is very little pedal bob even with the pro-pedal off. Then there are the weight reductions. I had a similar build on the Enduro but this thing feels kilos lighter than it.

Handling wise it is quite twitchy. The front-end just picks up and goes. Getting over step-ups and doing mono-s has never been easier.

It doesn't have the same feeling as the Epiphany I test rode: that thing just felt like rider and bike were one. The Moment definately sacrifices that feeling just slightly for a more versatile ride.


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Naaah don't think so mate ;)
Definately not this build for $6,800 anyway.
I'm told they stock heaps of parts I'm thinking of putting on there though :rolleyes:
oh ok true

i talked to a young guy i think he name was mitch or something?

he called dirt works and said he could do one for about $6600ish pretty good i thought

yeh they dont have much in the shop i sapose being near the beach they dont have much mountain stuff but he knows what he is talking about he can get some pretty awsome gear at alright prices easy to talk to aswell