Hi all ,last week I filled my pair of Hans damps with helium reason being there is this jump I just could never get !! Well after the first attempt with the helium fill tyres all I can say is I overshot the lander by six feet. Has any one else tried this?? But with every pro there is always a con ! When I arrived back at my home I untied my bike and it floated up into the power lines disrupting the neighbourhoods power supply .


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Is it classed as Enduro?

Cause I'd only go to the trouble of replacing my stans latex goo with helium if it were Enduro.


Jared Graves is doing it... The helium me up baby, can never lose!


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Hahahah nice.
If you are actually curious is you can fill the tires up with helium
Yes, will it matter not much. I think the calculation ends up only Saving a few grams over air.

Personally I'd like to see frames filled with it to see if it makes a big difference at all.
But unless you have the money and the curiosity its pointless.


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by the sounds of it your only filling your 26" wheels with helium - if you want to go full enduro you need to be riding 650b ( note - not 27.5") or 29'er with helium and goggles on a non-full face helmet, anything less and your just a poser


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I think everyone missed the point here.... Moorey is back....

On topic though, i do recall a while back something about a carbon roadie frame that was so thin they actually 'inflated' it with helium to give it its strength... well kinda on topic anyway.


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I removed my front mech and granny ring, then took my mid ring off and put helium there for the climbs.

Pretty stoked actually. Bike rips the descents in the big ring, and I can manually switch to the helium ring, get off and push, and it goes up hill like nothing...


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Fat Bike

I had a Fat Bike filled the tyres with Helium, don't have it anymore if any one see's it let me know


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Helium? pfft... Nitrogen Bro, they use it in race car tyres, heats up less than air. Totally enduro


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Helium is for n00bs. I've used hydrogen exclusively since 2007, it's half the weight of helium. Leaks out of tubeless setups a bit quick, but that's a small price to pay.


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Helium is for n00bs. I've used hydrogen exclusively since 2007, it's half the weight of helium. Leaks out of tubeless setups a bit quick, but that's a small price to pay.
Hydrogen is for noobs too .... I roll with nothing in my tyres. Super light and don't even need to carry a spare tube.


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used to ride helium but i found it difficult to tell if it was cool or light.

now ive just ditched my wheels completely... saved over 3kg off my ride and I have extra time to research what are the latest enduro parts online since my bike is no longer rideable.


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Here's the bike to try it. The thing (frame)weighs 450g with air in the frame. It voids the warranty but Chuck some hydrogen in this bad girl and helium in the tyres and we'll test the effects:
That would scare me to ride. Relying on the internal pressure to make the frame strong is just playing playing jump rope with strength. Although I think we have all had the idea of a helium filled frame.
Can helium actually achieve the pressure though I think a few guys ran the numbers due to the structure of helium to actually get it functional it only saved a few grams off the wheels. Frame is a little different but I do wonder what the weight saving would be.

Equally though you sacrafice aero for weight here. At the speeds road riders go they generate a good amount of wind resistance, not only will this fail to have competitive aero but the lighter bike means lower speed tolerance to wind resistance in that the wind will limit its too speed earlier and increase the load on the rider to keep up the pace.

Good gains but is love to see a competitive comparison of the two and see which one is faster.
I have seen cervelo do some talking on the matter but the frames are still 900grams saving 450grams is a hefty chunk.
I'm guessing it will be down to track which dictates the one to use weight vs aero.


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Years ago a mate of mine who used to race road for Australia seriously used to fill his tyres with helium!

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