VIC Hans Dampf Super Gravity TrailStar


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Item: Schwalbe Hans Dampf Super Gravity Trailstar (or Pacestar)
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Item Condition: Very good to new/unused
Price and price conditions: Up to 40 smackaz
Extra Info: After 3.5 years my Schwobbbbbbbbles need replacing. I've still got a spare MM and I'm looking for an older pre-Addix Hans to match. Would also consider Rock Razor Super Gravity, since it's summer.

I know some people try and hate these tyres.
Hoping some (or one) of you might have one lying around in the shed. :)


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I have a couple of Swalbe tires in the shed. HD and something else. Maybe NN. Didn’t like em.
I’ll check and see if there what you’re after this arvo. Almost 2 years old so maybe the old rubber mix though.
If you want em you can have for the price of postage or meet at the Youis or something.


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Thanks Jpez.
Older is what I'm after because matchy matchy, then I can move to something newer next time.

Super Gravity is pretty much a must though (Gold writing on sidewalls as opposed to silver/grey).
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I’ve a HD supergravity (approx 50% wear) you can have if you get stuck. I’ll grab a few pics later if you’re interested.