International Great Cycle Challenge 2022 - raising money to fight kids cancer


Did something really really stupid
So I’m going around again this year hoping to raise some money for a good cause, aiming for 500km this year (up from 400 last year).

Would love to get to the $1,000 mark again this year. I’m going to finish with a big ride again and will do 2m vertical cheers
for every dollar donated.

If you’re looking for somewhere to donate some coming this month, please consider supporting efforts to fight kids cancer:



Did something really really stupid
I’ve hit 200km of the 500km I’ve committed to.

Tomorrow all donations are matched by corporate sponsors, so any contributions will go twice as far tomorrow.

Links to donate in first two posts.



Did something really really stupid
26 days in and I’ve racked up 362km of the 500 target. Im feeling pretty cooked though to be honest.

Hit my donations target of $1,000 at least. Thanks to those that have put in.

With work and family stuff on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I need to get this done by Friday. Realistically I don’t think the original 2m vert per dollar raised plan is achievable, but the last day is going to have to be 100km plus to get there.
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