Giant 2009 Anthem X Ltd (2009) vs Giant Anthem X1 (2011)

Which bike would you buy?

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Hi All,

Sorry to be another one of these guys asking "which bike is better", but I've got the opportunity to buy a second hand 2009 Anthem X Ltd for the same price I can get an brand spanking 2011 Anthem X1.

Comparing the specs, the obvious difference is that the 2009 X Ltd has the "Rockshox SID World Cup w/PushLoc 4"/100mm" fork and a full XTR gearset and wheelset - as opposed to the 2011 X1 model which has the "Fox 32 F100 RL w/15QR" fork and only the XT gearset and wheelset.

Clearly there's a real difference between these bikes (more than what I've pointed out). The RRP on the 2009 model was $8500 whereas the 2011 X1 only retails for $3999.

But given the fact they'll cost me the same, is it work sacrificing the "status" of having a new bike compared to owning something secondhand (mind you, it's immaculate) a small price to pay to have XTR throughout?

Would love your thoughts on this topic.


Clyde Dave

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I have full XT on my Anthem 29er and it is flawless. Haven't ridden older XTR but taking the "trickle down" theory the new XT dynasis is prob as good if not better anyway.
15mm thru axle is 100% better as well.
Warranty is the biggest selling point for me though.


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8 reasons I can think of for getting the 2011

1 Tapered headtube
2 press fit bb
3 thru axle
4 10 speed XT groupset
5 Lighter, stiffer frame
6 Fox forks
7 better looking
8 Lach Norris ( Giant - Drapac ) rates the 2011 framesets more than previous bikes ( faster )
Thanks for the quick responses guys, very helpful. Hoping to get a few more responses, help the number stack up at bit!
New,New,New all the way....Why?
New bikes are awesome...
A new bike will always be yours, whereas a second hand bike will always be someone elses...
2 years may not seem very long but in bike technology but i always think about the money the big bike companies spend on R&D each year...
Oh yeah...and i have just upgraded from a 2008 roadie to a 2011 roadie...pretty much the same bike but newer and i cant stop grinning about how much better it is than the 'old' steed...
Now i just need someone to by the old bike...crap i meant to say that second hand bikes are worth buying...crap!...:)


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Tough call.

If the LTD is the one that I think it is, you know it's background, and that it has been treated with kid gloves for it's entire life. Plus it's got some serious mojo attached to it.

A mate of mine is on one that is identical, and he rates it extremely highly. Status aside, full XTR and SID World Cup fork is a seriously good fitout. And for the price, great value.

Bottom line, you won't be disappointed either way.


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Always new when you have the option, IMO.

You know straight away how many times it's been crashed, how hard it's been ridden, how many rebuilds it's needed to go through and how many times the fork seals have been completely blown out.


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I have a LTD and love it, but have Fox Forks instead of the OEM Rock Shox. Great bike. If I was in your shoes I would be leaning on the new 2011 at the start of the next race over a 2nd hand LTD.

Reasons being
Who doesn't like a nice shiny new bike (except the wife!!)
Not having to replace drivetrain parts in the not to distant future- check the price of replacement chain rings for XTR. I am currently in negotiations with the bank manager to refinance the mortgage to afforc them!
Tapered headtude and 15mm thru axle over the flimmsy SID

hope this helps


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what everybody else has said + the price for the 2nd hand X Ltd is probably too high at $4k.

I've seen a good cond version sell on ebay for a shade over $3k just recently. The slightly lower specced 2009 X0 go for around the low $2k mark.

Even if you are prepared to pay more cause you know the history I still think it's overpriced.

Get the 2011 model and all the new fancy stuff it brings.
I have to admit I'm surprised at the results.

The only guy saying buy the 2009 is from the store (leftieant) and he knows the bike. I guess you could say the 2009 is practically brand new, that's how immaculate it is. And has been ridden by a pro so maintained to death and ridden with respect not by a 16 year old ghostying it down the track!

Seems there's more to consider than I thought re the 2011 model.

Thanks for the advice everyone!
Oops sorry Leftie. I guess my point was more that you know the bike and who owned the bike, not so much that you work at the store. ;-)


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While I haven't got either bike, I have bought a second hand bike off an elite rider. Bike was 3 months old and half price of original retail.

The thing to remember is whilst a bike may be looked after and cleaned and maintained after a race, DURING, the rider is going as hard as he can. Obstacles, logs, rocks, jumps, drops etc are all hit flat out and this is what causes wear and tear, not the neglect after racing. Parts wear out quicker and need replacing sooner - not just the usual chainrings and cassettes, but fork and shock seals, bushings, freehub seals, hub bearings etc.

I'll never buy second hand again. Its not the seller's fault, I bought it.

It should also be noted, the 2009 Giant range came to Aus just after the aus/us dollar dived from 98c to 70c. A rrp of $8500 was $6700 a few weeks earlier. 2010 new bikes could be bought cheaper than 1 year old 2009 bikes - even after discounts to move them.


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I'd go the Anthem, have you considered the anthem sl 1, great value for money I reckon and after 3 upgrades over the years from XTC 0's I couldn't be happier with mine.


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1 Tapered headtube
2 press fit bb
3 thru axle
4 10 speed XT groupset
5 Lighter, stiffer frame
6 Fox forks
7 better looking
8 Lach Norris ( Giant - Drapac ) rates the 2011 framesets more than previous bikes ( faster )
pitty they both have kids sized wheels


Go new. Jakecycles says it all. The lifetime frame warranty is valuable - everything else is merely an off the shelf component that can be replaced or upgraded. Sure Sram XX or whatever is the latest but as soon as you get the latest it is obsolete.

xc turbine

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Go the 2011.

So much has changed for 2011 especially with things like the drive train and also frame. Also the fork will be much stiffer. With trickle down 2011 XT brand new certainly seems better than lightly used 09 XTR. I'm sure the 2009 is lighter, but the 2011 is more modern and more capable. Plus as has already been said, It will be brand new, and will come with a warranty, best of all, it smells nice.

Have fun