TAS Geometron G16 - longest (located in Tassie)


I'm pretty motivated to sell here, as I need money for house renovations. I could throw in a front wheel, a spank handlebar and a seat as well as the cranks, you're halfway to a complete bike!

Put on a second hand lyric, some Deore 4 pot brakes and a 10 speed groupset with a 50 tooth cassette and you'll have a weapon of a bike that will be way more capable than anything you could buy new for the same price.


If I was taller I'd be all over this.
Sick bike, great price.
I'd absolutely say you'd be surprised at how it rides. I've got a mate who's very much a medium in everything and he's ridden this and started to go longer and longer on his bikes.. A few years ago this would be way longer than anything available in Australia, and now I've gone to the next size up from this.

With a short stem it's very agile, and the seat pushed forwards helps it climbs the hills as well!

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I'm pretty motivated to sell here, as I need money for house renovations.
I would be pretty motivated to buy, but I also need money for house renovations :(

I want one because I have not heard anyone say one bad thing about them. Even when they do...

Singletrack World said:
It’s at this point where I try to sneak in the fact that it doesn’t have bottle bosses. Before riding a G1, I would genuinely have ruled out owning one because of this. After having ridden a G1… where did I put my CamelBak?

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I'm running a 485mm reach bike now and that's long AF for someone who's only 175cm, this would be a shade too large.
Given that XL is the standard size on here I'm shocked you still have this, I think there are only 4 'burners under 185cm. Perhaps too small?
I've been staring at this despite owning more bikes than I need. It's beautiful and would be so interesting to own and ride I'm sure...

I've not even looked into the geometry just in case I get carried away. :oops:


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Don't do it, don't read any reviews, pretend it doesn't exist! Especailly don't read about how well it goes with a Rulezman Dorado fork and you won't feel bad next time your wrists are aching on a green or blue downhill.

But you can live in a van, just not if you wanna keep the family together :(
Who needs other people when you have my precious?

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OP here.

Still keen to sell :(

I would say that the G1 is fully sick (pic below), however the issues that it's fixed with the G16 are so minor that it's not a big deal. I definitely had a brain fart buying the new frame, it was an extravagance that in hindsight I didn't really need!