G'day fellow Wollongong trail lovers.


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I've just moved here from Canada Eh! Habitual trail user/addict. Looking to hook up some sweet single track. Haven't done any exploring yet as I've been overwhelmed starting my life over from scratch. Terrain looks like it has some gnar to offer. Have a great light and would love to hook up some night rides.
If anyone here is planning to ride Western Canada, drop me a msg. I have some great trail knowledge of the Kamloops and Revelstoke areas.

Cheers, and keep the shiny side up!


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Welcome to the Gong. It is an awesome place to live and has some great riding. Will PM you some details.


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Hi guys, I'm also a newcomer to the Gong area. Moved here from the UK about a year ago, but just started getting into MTB over the last couple of months. I'd be keen to meet up with some of you to explore some new terrain - I leave in Corrimal near the start of the Tarrawanna - Bulli (Lower Escarpment) trail. Keen for XC and more technical trail stuff! :thumb:


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I plan to head out for a ride on my single speed tomorrow arvo. So it will not be a quick ride but I can play tour guide. PM me if you are interested.


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I'm also new to both forums and DH/XC. I plan to give both a go and ride with people who are also the same level as myself (beginner). Pm if you are interested or care to show me around some easier tracks!

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