Garmin Edge 510 - Bruckt

Just riding along the local trails recently and my Garmin jumps out of it's mount and falls to the ground, on closer inspection the little mounting feet have broken off the quarter turn on the back of the units case. A little interwebs search reveals that it isn't an isolated case but seeing how I purchased the unit second hand I'm not thinking the chance of warranty is very likely.

Does anyone in RB land happen to have a munted 510 (i.e. cracked screen, dicky electronics) that they would like to offload as spare parts so I can replace the back case on mine?


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When u get it fixed make a tether so you don't lose It again. That's what I did with mine.


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there is a guy here in Adelaide that makes replacement alloy mounts, you just glue it onto your garmin.

Let me know if interested and I will try and find his number.


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If you have no luck.....

....and would like to donate or sell the screen, I'm in the exact opposite position to you.


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Just looked up Garmin site. Didn't realise there was a difference, but I have the older 500.

Can see why you're keen to repair rather than replace.
Have you contacted Garmin to see about a refurbished replacement?

Good luck.


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Surely you can buy a replacement case as a spare part?
Garmin dont sell major components (ie not accessories/chargers). They only have a refurb service (their argument is to ensure quality - backed up by a short warranty).

We had a broken battery terminal on the work 76cs (be careful with high capacity batteries for such units-they are a tad longer than alkaline and the GPS terminal get over stressed due to low tolerances) and we could only get a refurb unit (which was worth more than a second hand unit but did have warranty). We ended up just buying a new unit (which might also feature in Garmins approach?) which was an upgrade anyway.

I eventually got a dead unit off Gumtree with good terminals and swapped the case myself. Its not hard but was quite fiddly and then no guarantee you got the seals right until its tested.

Not sure what the bike units are like to work on.

Its rare Garmin screw up the engineering side but that lug arrangement looks like a "not if but when" to me. I'd investigate Lugfix (in post #8).
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Surely you can buy a replacement case as a spare part?
I would have thought so, but they insist on returning the unit to them for repair at a cost of between $60 - $120 (not sure why they couldn't tell me upfront) plus shipping each way and then I only get back the OEM plastic lugs with no guarantee they won't break again.

For only $45 I am going to go with this option...

get onto Alistair for a cheap strong fix-
So I sent Alistair a quick message last night expecting a reply in the next couple of days... entire deal done within ten minutes, very impressive quality looking LugFix prosthetic for my 510 is on it's way.