SA Found - Handlebars and short stem


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Item: bar and stem combo
Item Condition: whatever
Reason for buying: Need a short stem and bar combo for miss 10's new 26 HT. Currently she's got a 120mm stem which is too long, teamed with a 26.0 riser bar from the cretaceous period.
Price and price conditions:dependant on spec' i suppose...beers/cash/swaps.
Extra Info:
Any one got a takeoff or similar they don't need?
ideally 35-50mm stem and 31.6 bar but whatcha got?


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Taken off a new bike

Specialized 60mm stem 35mm clamp
Specialized 760mm alloy bar 35mm diameter with lock on grips included

I'm in Vic but could post if required
PM me if interested




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I've got a 35-45mm stem or two around here and a couple of bars. But the bars are brand new and 760-780mm which sounds far too wide for your kid.


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I've got a BX 40mm/50mm stem and a set of 31.6 Truativ alloy bars. I think about 35mm rise and 680/700mm wide. Free if you fancy stumping up postage, or I can bring them to Adelaide when I come over for Christmas.