For Sale Templates - You MUST use one


ex offender
As mentioned in the anouncement in this thread, templates must be used for new for sale posts.

The format is as follows:

Item Condition:
Reason for selling:
Price and price conditions:
Extra Info:

Or you can cut and paste this in:

[b]Item: [/b]
[b]Item Condition:[/b]
[b]Reason for selling:[/b]
[b]Price and price conditions:[/b]
[b]Extra Info:[/b]
The Fields Explained


The subject title must be clear and to the point, browsers must know exactly what they opening if they are deciding to view the post. Posting subject titles in capitals will result in a warning and/or thread deletion.


  • Item full name and model etc. (include things like colour, size, year etc).
  • Location (where you live, and whether or not you will see interstate etc)
  • Item condition description (provide as much details as possible, try to give the buyers a visual description of what to expect from your words. What the bike/part was used for.etc.)
  • Reason for selling (A lot of buyers will ask this so please provide a reason, even if its only to say that you need the money).
  • Price and price conditions (such as negotiable, non-negotiable, will or will not consider selling parts separately).
  • Extra Info: (If there is any other info that you'd like to add put it here)
  • Pictures (if you don’t have pictures and cannot get any please state as such. If you think you can get pictures soon, please hold off posting the thread until you get the pictures, we want to avoid the posts where the first 5 replies are people asking about pictures). Please use the info in this thread to post your pictures.

Item: 2003 Boxxer Race
Location: Brisbane, will send interstate at buyers expense
Item Condition: Excellent working order, replaced seals recently, all internals excellent condition, a couple scratches on the lowers from shuttles, but overall vgc.
Reason for selling: I need the money to buy some 888s cause I just have to have the latest thing!
Price and price conditions: $800 negotiable, but will not go below $700.
Extra Info: None.
Pictures: (no pictures for this example, but I would stick them here).