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Is it ok to ask if anyone watched the Good Omens TV series? I really liked the way it covered the parts of the world outside the scope of the bible stories I remember from my childhood.


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There's no way to prove or disprove the existence of one or many deities, it's a futile argument either way and asking any other side to prove something is as pointless as asking which wheel size is the best.

Assuming a person is naughty or nice based on their belief structure is as flawed as judging someone based on their skin colour or choice of socks (wheel size is fine to judge by).

Unless someone is being a right twat or saying 28" is the gold standard, I don't see any harm in what they want to believe in.

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Some of us try very hard not to have beliefs. As soon as someone starts a sentence with "I believe..." then for me the alarm bells are ringing. I'm far more interested in what you and I know.

Knowledge can set you free, whereas belief puts your mind in a cage.

Science does not require belief. Its just a way of thinking to get things done. It's just another tool and just like a hammer it doesn't need you or I to believe in it to hit a nail.

If a particular theory of something or other requires any form of belief then by definition its not a scientific theory. Belief can not make the world flat or something exist that doesn't. What a reassuring thing that is.
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Not trying to be a smart ass here, I respect your opinion. I used to think that way. I know where you are coming from. Judgement and condemnation are the hardest part to accept. I can see by your tone I am not going to help much. All the best.
Echoing the sentiments of others kudos for having the conviction to stick to your belief. You alluded in the above quote that you haven't always been Christian, I'm curious to know what started you on your journey? Fully understand that it may be personal and something that you'd rather not share.


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Ok, I will probably regret this, as a Christian for over thirty years I can offer a different viewpoint. From what I see on all sides is a lack

I am not here to argue or look down on others, just sharing an observation.
Flame away, it comes with the territory.
I will probably ignore it. Happy to answer genuine questions, just message me.
I feel ashamed you have to use these words when all you want to do is share your take on why flat earthers may exist - I guess the old adage "If you are posting on the internet you are wrong and I must point it out" - Mention religion and or spelling mistakes to get the most replies.


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That's part of the reason why I consider myself agnostic rather than atheist.

I'm sure you'd be just as good a person without faith
I know we are getting a bit off topic here bit I'm probably in the agnostic camp too. I don't believe in "the" god, whatever religion it may be. My thoughts are, how would and all powerful god (whatever religion we are talking about here) only be able to talk to people in a certain geographical area? If a god was everywhere, why are there so many different religions with different gods?
Having said that I have an open mind and I'm open to the possibility that their may be some higher power that may have created everything but I feel that if it is the case, they are a more hands off, create it and let it go creator.
I would like to think that people would take the best out of their respective religions but unfortunately it seems that we are still human and despite being religious or not their are a lot that seek to find the worst of human nature in themselves.


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Let's not confuse flat earthers and religion. It's possible to disprove a flat earther's beliefs but it is not actually scientifically possible to disprove the existence of a god (one or any of them).

The scientific method can be applied to the analysis of miracles and other such "proofs" of the existence of "[INSERT DEITY NAME HERE]" but science can not prove that god doesn't exist. Note.,however, this does not mean that automagically "[INSERT DEITY NAME HERE]" exists.

What science has to say on the existence of god is a bit like what the colour purple thinks of the sound of a trumpet. Science does, however, have a lot to say about the flatness of the earth.

There is a lot of confused thinking about the place of science and this leads to often misguided science skepticism which then gets us to a place where some people think the earth is flat, conduct experiments to prove its flat and even go so far as to not believe the results of their experiments. If you haven't seen it, the Netflix doco on the flat earthers is fascinating and well done.


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I feel ashamed you have to use these words when all you want to do is share your take on why flat earthers may exist - I guess the old adage "If you are posting on the internet you are wrong and I must point it out" - Mention religion and or spelling mistakes to get the most replies.

What did I miss?


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Let's not confuse flat earthers and religion.
The modern flat earth movement doesn’t resemble the original movement.
One is born out of a literal interpretation of the bible, the other out of a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. IMHO.
There’s crossover, but that’s the TLDR version.