Feet going painfully numb when descending


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I was wondering if anyone on here has had issues with their feet going numb when descending?
My wife has recently started having this trouble, and when the fun bit of the ride is uncomfortable and painful, it takes a lot of the joy out of getting on the bike.
She rides on flats and has tried different shoes and nothing much else has changed in her ride setup, so we are not real sure what’s causing it.:(

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Maybe rotate the saddle a bit in case some nerves are getting pinched around the wiggly bit / personal plumbing area?

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I cop sore feets pretty badly, in the arches.
Taking pains to relax my feet and stop clawing at the pedals helps.
And loosening off my shoes.


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She’s got a pair of Ride Concepts and she’s tried loosening them off and wearing different shoes but it seems to make no difference.
I haven’t ridden the RC’s yet, but have tried most.
Still leaning towards her curling her toes. Loosening might make her do it more.