Falls Creek / Blue Dirt, 2019 & beyond?


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I could possibly be coerced into giving you a lift or two up the hill. I've got a 2 day shuttle pass and I'm up there by myself so no doubt I'll get more than my fill of riding.

...anyone else going up this weekend that I should keep an eye out for?

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Ah damn that's nice, I could def chuck you some money too for a lift or two. I've left a VM for Blue Dirt and I'll likely swing by just to see if they had any cancellations or openings. I'll be on a white Bottlerocket so def yell out if you see me!


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What the heck? I thought it'd be pumping up there this weekend?


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Does anyone know roughly when falls opens up again after winter?

Looking to book in weekend to ride Bright and Falls later in the year. A cursory Hambo didn’t turn up anything on their website or socials.

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