Europe - Austria

An upcoming work trip will see me in Austria for a few weeks around May based out of Zeltweg, I have already flagged the following as potential ride destinations and hope to tick them all off whilst I'm there. Does anyone else have any suggestions of must do/see/ride. My preference leans towards gravity style riding however I don't mind some pedaling if I get to some some otherwise inaccessible places.

Petzen Flow Trail - Longest flow trail in Europe

Schladming - Bikepark Planai

Leogang - Bikepark


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I was there last year, and there is no shortage of places to ride. I didn't spend as long as I would have liked in Austria. I stayed right close to Serfaus Fiss Ladis Bike Park in Austria. If you get in touch with Martin or Juliana from Rocky Trail they will be glad to point you in the right direction. They know a heap of places from being locals
Cheers, Serfaus Fiss Ladis might be a bit far from base but I'll keep it in mind.

Was there anything from your trip that you wish you had of known before you went.

I was planning on catching up with Martin and Juliane this weekend at Ourimbah.


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Yeah I just checked the map. There is a bit of distance involved, you will be overwhelmed with options. Not sure if you have been to the Alps before. I certainly wasn't prepared for the enormity and magnitude of the mountains and if you plan to do a lot of riding it's pretty taxing on the body, I found I had to change the way I positioned myself on the bike as to use your upper legs and core otherwise your arms will fall off. Try to imagine Thredbo twice as steep and three times as long, it's bonkers, but totally addictive. The mountains seem to be more rolling in Austria than France, or maybe that was the Schnapps mad them look like that. Also there is of course the language barrier, however that makes it much more of adventure. In the major cities you will be fine but once in the back country there is hardly any English, we thought we could get away with some basic German but that wasn't the case. Austrian is very different I think we counted about five different ways to say hello, not knowing the meaning of any of them. Be polite, smile they are beautiful people.