Electric Vehicles etc


Let you google that for me
I will happily hang, draw and quarter pointless message posters who shit post memes that add no content. But you know that already.
I added humour. The exceptionally short delay between your post and the answer was funny.

I'm guilty of some pointlessness but it's a conversational forum, some jokes and banter will permeate. Just please don't let this place turn into Whirlpool.


Sphincter beanie

Hahahaha! Fuck Tesla.

Dafuk? :D

Tesla denies having any issues with its systems, often blames the drivers for causing the accidents. 21st Century Business Herald further reported that the company’s strategy seems consistent in other countries such as the United States and South Korea. Business Insider has demonstrated how Tesla has been engulfed in quality control issues for years. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk even admitted that the Tesla product quality varies depending on the production cycle: when the company is trying to rapidly increase its production, the product quality decreases. Furthermore, Musk suggested that customers should consider buying their Tesla models at specific times to ensure the best qualities.