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hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good set of ear phones that are good to ride with and sit in your ear well. the ones i use now keep falling out while i ride and its annoying....please help!!!!!
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Not sure this is in the right place, but ill try answer anyway.

Firstly, do your headphones have that little slide bit which holds each earbud together? If they do, slide that little bit up when you put your headphones on, and secure it under your chin. That's what I do, and they never fall out (Apple iPod earbuds).

If not, Sony, Apple, Shure and many others make good and affordable in-ear buds which won't fall out, and will also sound much better than your standard set of headphones..


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Skull candy,

there soooooooo goood.

theres 1000's of pairs on ebay
Please, stop talking (unless you're talking from personal experience with the headphones)

I've just gone through a pair of "full metal jackets" in under 6 months. Sound simply stopped going through the speakers, no their warranty isn't that good either and I honestly wouldn't want another pair.

Overpriced, trendwhore crap.

For about $20 less you can buy some Sennheiser CXseries headphones. Very bass heavy sound, much clearer than the skullcandy's I had. Can't comment on durability as the ones I listened to weren't mine, but I'm going to buy a pair of them as my next in-ear 'phones.


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Please, stop talking (unless you're talking from personal experience with the headphones)

I am talking from personal experience, ive had my scull candy earbuds for like 2 years now and they still work perfect.
They come with different ear sizes to suit your ear and you hardly notice them when riding...


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If you go to Dicksmith (or somewhere else like this) they have in ear headphones called "Yoga" for $16, really really good value for money and great for riding i found, i think they are better then the ipod ones ;)

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I would not use earphones if you're on the road as the lack of background perception is not that helpful in avoiding death! However, if you want a pair to isolate yourself from the outside world and get you in the zone if you're sessioning steet, DJs etc then I'd look at Shure e2C and e3C as a starting point. I'm sure the audiophiles out there will come up with other suggestions.

Used to have the Skull Candy earbuds but they died within 6mths of riding with them- can only assume it was sweat related. Wasn't exactly cut up about it either once they died. And no, I wouldn't buy another pair they were horrible, tinnie, and they crapped out and crackled from the time they were new when taken to 75% of max volume.

Went from Apple earphones (crashed my brains out and damaged the jack on them), to the Skull Candy EB's, to Senneheiser CX's, and back to Apple's.

Sound ridiculous, but have actually found the Apple earphones to be one of the better sets I've own when factoring cost, sound quality and longevity. Have a nice and warm sound to them, aren't ridiculously expensive, and haven't blown the micro-drivers in them yet after 12mths of pretty loud volume and heavy use.

The Senneheiser's were ok but expensive, not particularly warm (though crystal clear ie too crisp) and were a shithouse fit for my ears.

My 2 cents.


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I would not use earphones if you're on the road as the lack of background perception is not that helpful in avoiding death! However, if you want a pair to isolate yourself from the outside world and get you in the zone if you're sessioning steet, DJs etc then I'd look at Shure e2C and e3C as a starting point. I'm sure the audiophiles out there will come up with other suggestions.

Not sure anyone would risk their Shure's for any abusive riding styles, I sure (haw haw) as hell wouldn't do anything that could risk headphones worth that much (noted, I wouldn't have a clue if there's any cheaper than $150AU, but it's the cheapest Shure's I've seen)


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Definitely the Senheisser in-ear type. I've got a pair that I bought for 20 quid in a train station in London, and they rock. They've been going strong for almost a year now (probably more, actually..) and have copped litres of sweat, being scrunched up and chucked in a bag, etc etc. Really good tone, excellent clarity and amazing bass reproduction for what I paid. Asymmetric cable is great for riding, too. Much prefer them to the equivalent Sony version I once had, and they're much more comfortable for riding in than my Bang & Olufsen headphones. I've also found iPod headphones to be okay when new but they deteriorate quickly and it's not long before it sounds like someone's crumpling up a paper bag in your ear.

Do it. I think they're about $70 here which is reasonable.


Sennheiser CX-x00
They sit in the ears like industrial ear plugs so they don't fall out while riding.
Not as much wind noise as the standard apple ones.

They come with about 4/5 different shapes of rubber ear plug covers in the box, so you should be able to get a good fit.


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i use creative bud types but i forget the model (sorry)
They don't have a normal lead, it's like a cord (or a very thin rope even) that acts like a lanyard and the audio cable comes out of the rope near your ears. It means there is no tension on the lead so the buds never pop out.
But - the lead is pretty short. They are brilliant with something like a shuffle clipped onto your collar, not so much if the player is armband mounted or elsewhere.


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I bought a pair of these ones like 6 months ago and they are pretty good quality, havent broken, they never fall out and theyre only like $13 or something. Just cause they are from china doesnt mean they suck.



Just found these they look pretty nice.
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I've been using a set of Shure SE530's now for the last 18 months, they have survived a couple of XC bins as well as being brilliant for flying, they were really exxy ($400ish) but I've had nothing but joy from them. I fly every week either to or home from work and these earphones haven't let me down. My wife has a set of the SE210 Shures which she rollerblades with, they too have survived the odd bin without failing.

Hope this helps


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Wellsey's kit reviews - iPod remote and Sennheiser cx500 earphones.

During a recent long time off the bike with a bung knee, my wife pointed out how I am always buying new bits and pieces for or related to my bike.

It's true, I am a consumer. I can't ride for shit, but love having nice kit. As a result, I buy a hell of a lot of swag. So, I thought I might put together some reviews of a few bits other Farkers (that's right bitches, Farkers!) might find useful.

I picked these to start with, as they were the closest things to hand, and make my commute a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

The remote - Ever been riding along with your iPod in your Camelbak or pocket, and a song comes on that you really don't feel like at the time? Or suddenly the next song decides to be 1 million decibals? Or maybe someone is trying to talk to you?

This little jobbie cost me 99c plus 3.50 postage on eBay from somewhere in China I can't spell or pronounce. Apparently Apple make a genuine model of these but I have never seen one, the closest I have found is a Belkin one in WOW for about 30 bucks.

It features your standard remote functions, skip back and forward, play/pause, volume. Also, this one has an FM radio function that works really well (clear reception). They come with a clothing clip, however I removed mine and replaced it with adhesive velcro, so it just pushes onto the shoulder strap of my Camelbak. The cord is a good length, reaching to a perfect spot on the shoulder strap with just enough slack to allow for movement.

Downsides - Please remember that the one I have is a nasty Chinese knock-off. My iPod wont automatically turn off if the remote is connected. Fine while you're using it, just remember to disconnect when you are finished. Also, not it's not terribly weatherproof. This is my second one, the 1st died a horrible death at the hands of a light sprinkle. I have made this one a little raincoat from a zip lock bag.

All in all, for $5.99, a good investment, I really like mine and will be getting another when this one croaks. Will probably shell out for the Belkin version though.

The earphones - Sennheiser cx500. RRP around $145. These are the in-ear "canalphone" style that greatly reduce wind noise and let you enjoy your audio. At first I was worried that they would reduce my hearing too much for road riding, but this isn't an issue; you can still hear fine. They come with inline volume adjustment, three pairs of "plugs" to suit different ears, a little "thing" that you wrap them around to store, a removable clothing clip and a faux leather pouch to put it all in.

Bass and clarity is great, much better than any other earphone I have tried, although admittedly I have only tried one other set of canalphones (cheaper Phillips ones = shit). The Sennheisers are pricey, although you can get a cheaper version that doesn't have the volume control for just over a hundred. I have had these for twelve months with no worries at all, including heavy rain, copious sweat and farking hard yanks on the cord.

Downsides - Fuck all really. The plugs clog up with ear jam a bit, not really a problem unless you plan to share. The volume is redundant if you use with the remote - get the ones without and save some coin.

All up, smick, well made earphones that I think are worth the money. I am very happy with mine.

Hope this is of some use to people.