TAS Dragon Trail Derby to St Helens , March 16-18 2023.


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Entries open today for the Dragon Trail March 16-18 2023.
It's a 3 day bike race from Derby to St Helens in Tasmania.

Basically It's a mini BC Bike Race with camping each night and racing during the day.
I did this event this year and thought it was well organised and accomodating with airport transfers, tents and some cooking facillities/ food trucks. With photographers on course there is heaps of race photos's as well.
If you're a regular racer/rider you enjoy the challenge. If you're an average joe rider it is a tough tough challenge but doable.
Some competitors turned into a father son/daughter event.

Course changes next year means more time riding in Derby and less gravel grinding. And only 1 campsite transfer to StHelens.

I recommend you take you take up the machanics package. It's worth a lot more than the cost. It was soo much easier to roll in hand over your dirty bike and complain about your brakes, drivetrain and have it all fixed ready to go the next day.
And If you do have to get your bike fixed or tuned it will cost you just as much anyway.
A trail bike would be my pick but XC, enduro and hardtails were used, all with their advantages and disadvantages.

I thought some Burner's might be interested? If anything It's something to train for or just look forward to next year.

(**Note - have no affilliation with the event apart from competing this year)