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This seems kinda familiar... @Plankosaurus, remember how Dad welded the seatpost into the frame on that old BMX of yours because they couldn't afford a bigger bike for you? Then when you finally got a replacement bike, I couldn't ride the BMX properly because I was too short. I had to ride it standing up only.
I do remember

Did you get that after me? Damn, nasty. You'd have been better off with the yellow dragster than that piece of junk chrome painted bmx.

And the replacement bike was a 10speed garage sale find that was way big for me too. Man I had fun with that bike, that had those triangular bars on it, which snapped off on me lifting over a gutter. And the back wheel that decided to fall off going 150kph down a hill up at Maldon. I also remember retiring that bike, and taking the tyres off to ride on bare steel rims. Then when I realised there wasn't enough grip to get anywhere, I added some grip by gouging the wheels with dads hatchet

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Is not a gynaecologist but will look at your fork
I need to talk to the lad about the physics of min insertion length.....(And cleaning the mud)
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The most fun I’ve ever had on a bike was a 16” kids bike, mtb flat bars for a seat post. Circa 1997

Racing down the ramps of crown casino’s multi level car park with security chasing us in their patrol car yelling at us over their PA, on a Saturday night at 8pm. Inside foot down, huge drift at every turn. Tires would be bald on one side after an evening of runs.

Greensborough plaza multi level car park was good too. Until one of the guys hit the painted section when it was wet and hit the deck hard.

Some of the crazier guys would under cut cars in turns.