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Captain obvious
Terry fuckwitt was pretty good, it was all a bit of a laugh comic, even the fat sluts. Can you imagine covid transmission with the amount of people in the same workplace that read the same comics, magazines or papers back in the day :D
not quite as good as 'Modern Toss' though, check it out if you haven't already


call me Cáitín


No experience with these forks but I hear they are actually pretty good... though they look like shit and make a nice bike, look like shit too.

Check out the comments.

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Probably got sick of all the comments on the trail and now copping it online :D


Eats Squid
I have also been told to start stocking up on tires (think toilet paper panic) due to tires going to bike manufactureers and not retail
Tyres are already going to crap. Anything 'gravel' is more or less sold out in the main popular types ( g ones, panaracer etc.) Folks already paying up to $80 a pop for these.

Keep an eye out for my douche listings because I got a whole stack of tyres brand new that I need to flip.