Dirt Jump Frames with 142 x 12mm Sliding Axle?

Looking to buy new or second hand dirt jump frame, preferably in Aluminium. For cross compatibility of wheels with other bikes in the fleet I am chasing rear axle 142 x 12mm with horizontal or sliding dropouts, I know that the Trek Ticket DJ has this and I think that the Santa Cruz Jackal may also fit the spec, any other options?


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IIRC one model of Transition Bank came as 142x12, if you can find one..
The Morpheus Vimana is a 12mm axle, but doesn't specify if 142 or 135.


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Kinesis do a 142mm option, cachet do one as well from memory..the propain would allow you bolt on your own set if you've got the skills (uses bolt on drop outs) voltage had them too, sliding or not I can't remember. Saracen alx is in the same boat, could make it happen.
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I was almost about to pull the trigger on an NS Liar as it was close to half in both money dollars and weight compared to the Trek Ticket DJ and I figured that I would just resign myself to live with running a chain tensioner device, the Hyper DJ ticks all boxes and is only 200 odd grams heavier than the Liar, a fantastic find @Mywifesirrational.
Stumbled across it randomly looking for rare / interesting DH frames. Was going to recommend a couple of more 4x'ish frames the other day, but the stays are quite long compared to a pure DJ frame.


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Probably useless to you but Kona also used to make the Shonky, which was 142x12 axle with sliding dropouts for production years 2014-2017 if you can find one. Can't see it in the 2018 lineup...
Picked up this today, Corsair Toro. Ticks all the boxes especially the adjustable 142x12mm rear with brake mounts on the dropouts, but not sure that I'm sold on the #merica colour scheme though. Set of Onyx hubs on the way courtesy of Sethius.


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You'll be very patriotic. Is this for the pump track? Or something else?

I've got a le toy in my store room now...
Yes for the pump track, it's essentially the same as the Toy 4 frame except slightly lighter, more modern geometry, compatible with newer component standards and a different colour. But the Toy 4 is where my stubborness for slidey dropouts was born.