Deviate Highlander - more common around here than a Farkin Banshee


Níl aon tóin tinn mar do thóin tinn féin




FrameHighlander - Medium - 140mm linkDeviate
Frame protectionInvisitapeDeviate
SparesSpare partsDeviate
ShockDVO Topaz T3DVO
ForkDVO Onyx D1 160mmDVO
Wheels Rims F35mm AM CarbonNextie
Hub FDT350DT Swiss
Wheels Rims R35mm AM CarbonNextie
Hub RDT350 microsplineDT Swiss
ChainringXT 30t M8120Shimano
CrankXT M8120Shimano
ShifterXT M8100 - I Spec EVShimano
Derailleur RXT M8100 12 LongShimano
Brakes FXT M8120Shimano
Brakes RXT M8120Shimano
CassetteXT M8120 10-51Shimano
Bottom BracketXT MT800Shimano
ChainXT M8100 126 linkShimano
Rotor 180XT MT800 Ice-Tech FreezaShimano
Rotor 200XT MT800 Ice-Tech FreezaShimano
BarsOneUp Carbon 35mm/35mmOneUp
StemSpank Split 50Spank
GripsErgon GD1Ergon
Seatpost LeverRemote LAWolftooth
SeatpostOne Up V2 180OneUp
Tyres FDHR II 2.4WT Maxx GripMaxxis
Tyres RDHR II 2.4WT Maxx GripMaxxis
HeadsetHellbender 70Cane Creek
PedalsSpeciale 8Time
SpokesDT CompetitionDT Swiss
SeatErgon SM ProErgon

Arrived eventually... built it in a rush Tue/Wed last week, took it to Melrose Thursday for the Easter weekend, done about 60km on it now and very pleased so far.

Still messing with shock and fork settings and will be for a while but first impressions with the suspension at internet setting are better than my previous fork/shock brands.

I have the Onyx Off-The-Top (OTT) set at 14 turns out of 15 max... so plush and smoothing over small bump and chatter, may adjust that back a few turns. Fork is getting about 130mm of 160mm on rides so far.

The Topaz shock, I have added 1 volume spacer to the positive chamber, it is also very plush and I have been getting about 80% travel on the few rides I have done.

Frame - This is hands down the smoothest bike I have ever ridden and that is right now with the suspension at online basic settings, hoping to dial that in further over the next month or two.
I have never felt the back end of a bike behave this way before, the back end just rolls over rocks on the down and ups, more noticeably (so far) climbing tech semi-slowly, the jarring as the back wheel bounces off a large rocks has gone, no need to hop or unweight the back, it just follows and sucks up the trail. Also no pedal strikes so far which is very pleasing.

Idler - While pedalling, you can hear the chain clicking as it goes around the idler but no resistance can be felt while riding but when off the bike and spinning the cranks backwards, its obvious a few additional watts are needed to propel the bike forward. I have a spare idler that I will experiment with other bearings fitted.

Sizing - Spot on. So glad it was right as I spent hours looking at the geometry of this bike in Med and Large and also past/current bike geos. I went 50mm stem and 44mm offset forks to get rid of that chopper feel I had on my last bike and get weight balanced rather than over the back wheel, feeling great so far and grip is on point.

Bars -I have never had bars this high before, always 10mm-20mm rise max, these are 35mm rise after riding a set of 30mm high bars for a few months, I decided I liked the high rise and these feel good, may flip a 10mm spacer up to try in the future.
Brakes - Glad you lot talked me into the M8100 to M8120 upgrade, the dual pistons feel great.
Dropper - 180mm but actually feels really good, didn't realise my dodgy knee could bend for 180mm drop but it was a nice surprise.

The weight is where my Santa Cruz was, the frame was 3130g bare with only the supplied seat clamp fitted, 14.49Kg is the final weight with everything fitted, ready to ride, this is around about where I thought it would be, it was built for fun downs, riding trips away and general trail duties. I have plenty of others for riding up hill fast.

First impressions are really good, its smooth and feels planted on corners, I just need to let go a little each ride and get them balls back swinging again.





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yew it arrived! Good to hear you're loving it.

If you get any play in your front shock mount then ask Ben for the small washers that fit between the bolt head and the frame. My shock mount generated play and that solved the issue.


Níl aon tóin tinn mar do thóin tinn féin
yew it arrived! Good to hear you're loving it.

If you get any play in your front shock mount then ask Ben for the small washers that fit between the bolt head and the frame. My shock mount generated play and that solved the issue.
I gave it a look over yesterday before I went for a ride, all bolts felt good but didnt check for play at the shock mounts.

Haven't dropped a chain yet either.


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If you blokes have joined the private Facebook group would you mind letting me know if any significant info appears on there?


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Paperwork... I received zero. No invoice, no how shit works, no invisitape mudmap... and looks like I am not invited to the special owners club :p
That’s because you whined too much and wouldn’t stop hassling the owner because it too a little hoo. Ben asked the Oz distro to pull all that stuff out to annoy you.

just joking. I think you were 10 times more polite and patient than I would have been!
That is a lovely bike!


Níl aon tóin tinn mar do thóin tinn féin
Looks great @ozzybmx - can see by your Strava the boys were helping you run it in or were they simply posing on it?

Don’t even notice the tacky green DVO knobs! :D
They had a few runs on it.

Drew the line at them having issues manualling it as the wheel path makes the bike longer, didn't want it hitting the tarmac.

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Finally! Great looking build and it's excellent news to hear you're getting on with the bike.
That rear end is otherworldly, I land on some sections and just laugh at how smooth it feels.

And no pedal strikes! Just don't get greedy like I did and start pedalling hard on rough stuff - I got caught out on that in a fit of madness. You get spoilt by the smooth way it goes over that stuff and pedal harder... Then you're upside down in a bush.

I've just got to sort the front end out but I'll get there.
Build looks stunning!

And I didn't get the FB group invite either, apparently I didn't make the cut!