De-anodizing Hope parts


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Hey Guys,

I've got some blue Hope parts (stem, collar, brake covers, headset) in blue that I would like to make silver to better match my frame.

I'm wondering if anyone has disolved the anodizing from Hope parts and knows what the finish is like underneath and also whether the etching will remain?

I expect the finish will be a dull grey underneath but hoping to be told otherwise.





Sandpaper, it's only the top layer that's permeated with the dye.
Sand blast or bead blast for better results in the cracks.

Or my favourite recommendation, stop being a poor arse and buy some new ones. Treat yourself! You deserve it! It's only money you can make more, etc. etc. etc.


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I've stripped heaps of RC car parts with Mr Muscle before. It takes it back to a dull grey finish in a minute or two tops.

For anyone interested, there's a video by Hope showing the ano process before and after the colour is added
(Skip to 11:15)

Looks like they lazer etch the logo at the last step and burn through the ano, so I will lost that. Meh.

Mr Muscle and a wire brush should give me a finish that exactly matches the frame! Stay tuned...


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Every time I've tried to do that I've fucked it, and ended up with splotchy grey that looks so nasty.

Probably better to try and sell what you have and buy it in silver. Could end up only spending $100 or so extra.


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Oven cleaner (two soaking passes) followed by polishing. I’ve done it many times before (not Hope but other gear) and it’s worked a treat.


If you want to get a good finish and fast without much effort a polishing disc on a bench grinder is awesome. With a course grit paste it would probably take the anno off too.

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One thing to consider, anodising isn't just about the colour; that's kind of secondary. Its primary purpose is to treat the surface to inhibit oxidation and corrosion. I don't know how deep the anodising penetrates and whether it extends below the coloured layer, but removing the anodising will expose the untreated aluminium, which will become more prone to oxidising & looking shit.


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So I gave the oven cleaner a crack last night. The ano came off in about 5 minutes and left the metal covered in chalky black residue. That black stuff came off with some steel wool and then I gave it a super quick hand polish. All up, took about 2 hours; I'm sure I could get a much better finish with some extra time.