Dartmoor Hornet


Eats Squid
So bought this frame and parts on a whim and just deciding what to do with it? Already have a norco torrent, so is this significantly different enough to justify building up. Would appreciate any info about the frame or input to help with the decision.



It's Not Easy Being Green
I've had a few versions of the Hornets. Great bikes, pretty tough and overbuilt. I put mine through a fair bit and it held up to anything I threw at it.

Not a bike for purely XC, more for the descents, but decent enough for anything really.


Crashed out somewhere
After my time. But previous generations were great, and the owners of the company were some of the loviest people to work with, regret never going to hang with them in Poland. The few odd warranties were never a hassle, and they always did the right thing.