Crypto predictions, dead or not.

Would you buy any crypto

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Sooo, how's it all going in crypto world. Things ain't going that well for most I expect.
Anyone still buying in at dip;) looks like we are in for a rather shitty year but chins up lads.
I have changed my buying strategy, going back to my original one of only buying top 10 with the bulk of the money. Bit coin at 29.3k, eth for 1.56 get on it guys.
Let's face it, if it drops just get more, what's the chance of complete collapse.

DONT put your spare money into the mortgage, put it in the top 2 crypto and you will be buying houses in complete streets. Buy xrp if you want the lambo.

Sorry about the ramble but early cones make me rave:D


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Up 22% in 7 days though
It's going to be a rocky road for a while yet. I keep buying the XRP as a big punt. If they win against the SEC in a good run it may double or triple overnights.

I'll be buying the dip in vintage downhill, soon all the cheap listings will start. Seems the libs only delayed the economic crash, spent money to keep people happy.
Already seeing the dip start :eek:


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Good luck .
Shares are enough for me.
Cheers man, most non crypto people normally get great joy seeing it down a fair bit. Weird.
I always hope people are successful in whatever money making investment they have.
Bet you have been buying the share dip, you will be rolling in loot in a couple years when the good times return