Crash Pics Thread


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Talk more to the physio, ask lots of questions about the exercises and what they are for.
If they have given you nerve stretching exercises they are very different to muscle and mobility exercises and you'll need to take it slow.
Stretching nerves is a long process.

Also, try not to worry too much about how it happened or whose fault it is. You can develop a victim mindset which can worsen or completely inhibit your recovery. Life is like a game of cards sometimes you're dealt an awesome hand and other times you get the crap, but you gotta play every hand so make the most of them.
Soooo much better than the huge post I'd written, then deleted.

The physio is your key. If your physio seems out of their depth with nerve issues, shop around and find one that is fluent.

Whatever you do, stay away from any nerve suppressing medication.

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I'm nearly 15 years on from having my shoulder put back together. I can't remember anything specific about nerve related issues post op, but the whole thing was tight and tender the roughly 12 months the machinery was on there. If (even just now because reflexes and curiousity) I run my fingers along the bone where all the screws were I still have tingly responses on my skin.

A friend has just recently had surgery on a broken collar bone and currently has some tingles in his hand/fingers. He went for a check up on that and was found to have also fractured a bone in his hand that nobody noticed when he first went in.

Follow the professionals' advise and stay productively curious.


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Thanks for the reply's, PJO I think you are spot on, would be easy to sit at home feeling angry about it. I guess I am just a bit stressed out and impatient. I am a landscaper so there is a lot riding on getting this sorted soon. I go back to work tomorrow. The boss has been really good about it all but if it's still a problem in a few weeks then I am not sure I will have a job.
My physio has been great. He has helped me a lot in the past. Gave me both nerve and muscle stretches and exercises. His aim is to open up the Brachial Plexus to take pressure off the nerves. I might try and see him today.


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Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this but has any of you had nerve problems in you arm after collar bone surgery? It's been 5 weeks since the accident and 4 weeks since the surgery (spent a whole week waiting including three days on a bed in day surgery only to be sent home each day). Straight after the op I couldn't straighten my elbow. The radial nerve was so tight it felt like it was going to tear out of my wrist. The pain in my wrist and forearm has been worse than the shoulder. The surgeon denied it had anything to do with the operation because there are no nerves anywhere near the collarbone and that it must have been the nurses or my fault. Dr google confirmed he is a gutless liar. My GP told me to go see a physio, my physio gave me some stretches and exercises but they seem to be making it worse. I will see him again this week.
I can slowly straighten my elbow now but it is nowhere near 100%. Any advice?
Sounds nasty dude... If the elbow tightness occurred immediately after the surgery then there may be some relationship there. Reason being is it takes much more than a week of immobilsation for a joint to start freezing up.

Physios are good but unless they are familiar with the surgery you went with, they may not be aware of complications that might occur.

Do you have specifics of the procedure you had? It maybe worth going to a second surgeon for an opinion if the first one is brushing you off.