Crash cramp


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Not sure if this needs it's own thread, but:

Every time I have an off (which happens more than it should), I get a cramp in my right calf instantly, which basically can't be stretched out, and often means the rest of my riding day is shot. I don't think it's hydration based as I'm pretty good at keeping my fluids up and am feeling fine otherwise, but this occurs every time I have a crash.
Any ideas on what's going on and if there's a way to mitigate it?


If you don’t crash do you get cramps? Seems odd if it only happens after an off.

General things I have done to keep the cramps at bay:

Do you put anything in your water? If just water be a good idea to try a electrolyte additive. I use either Hammer Fizz or High5 Zero sure there are many others. Also do you eat while riding again off the shelf things like Clif bars or similar or pack some dried fruit to nibble or a plain sandwich. Peanut butter or a Vegemite for longer rides even a banana. If your not feeding/hydrating your muscles are going to let you know.

Also bike fit. Is the saddle the correct height, saddle positioned correctly. If not you can over use certain muscles and then they let you know!!


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It would just be an involuntary body clench which sets off a cramp. Happens to me if say I trip over something and see it at the last moment I automatically try and pull back and my calf cramps up just about every time. The calf is a problem area for me though so maybe you need to do some Physio to address the issues.
You probably also need to rag doll when you crash on those 30ft doubles. Or don’t crash.


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@mike14 - I had similar when I half-OTB'd myself on mellow single track a while back. Tried to ride the fork/control the inevitable - and must've been curling my feet to hang onto the pedals. Strangely, I rode home fine, but once home found myself going "Hmm, the back of my left knee feels funny..?". Soon as I touched it and it went 'twang' and cramped and felt like I tore a tendon at the same time. Took a few days do heal and stop hurting. Was definitely just from going super-tense while trying not to go face-to-rock. Bit weird, but it happens I guess!