COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?


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Should I google that?
No need - there are just some users that seem to post the same replies to threads across other forums that I frequent - Yes sorry been cheating on you with other forum users


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Eldest son woke with a sore throat and slight temperature last Sunday, tested positive on RAT... okay cool we'll all self isolate for a week.

Middle daughter with symptoms this morning and a positive RAT, fuck okay restart the egg timer.

Wife with a positive RAT tonight which only leaves youngest son and me still standing, I'm off to LICK ALL OF THE THINGS.

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Has stumpy thumbs, Speciaized are so weird

PINT of Stella. mate!

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Update on Meatloaf
Covid confirmed as COD on local sites now.

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I’m seeing nothing yet on any credible news site and the most commonly reported fact is that he died with his family by his side which makes me doubt that it was in an ICU due to an infectious disease
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Eh, the fact that you're proudly unvaccinated and claiming it's harmless on a day where 46 people have died in NSW alone, makes me think you're either trolling or just completely ignorant of the news and the world around you. Either way I'm going to treat your 'my bro works for a medical company' story as bullshit as you're really ticking all the boxes for 'Facebook Fuckwit'
Next you are going to tell us that you don't believe Nicki Minaj’s Cousin’s Friend’s Balls got swollen :)