COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?


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Soooooooo - Calls in place now for the Fully Vaccinated Status to only apply after your booster shot - So if you are eligible for your 3rd shot you are not considered vaccinated - Several overseas countries have made the booster mandatory and imposing fines for not being vaccinated

"That came after French President Emmanuel Macron warned boosters would be mandatory for over-65s in order to travel or visit restaurants or museums.
From December 15, you will need to provide proof of a booster jab to extend the validity of your health pass,” he said in a TV address."

"Austria, the first country in Europe to introduce a blanket mandatory vaccination policy, says people who refuse to get vaccinated from next year will face fines of up to €3600 ($5600), while people who refuse a booster could be fined up to €1500 ($2300)."

"Israel, which led the way in mass vaccinations early, was the first country to make boosters a requirement, announcing last month that people who did not get their third shot would lose their fully vaccinated status.

As of October 3, the government changed the criteria for the so-called “green pass”, shortening its validity to expire six months after the second dose."


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My MyGovSA app digital certificate has a big green tick.

Fckn French and their health pass, next we'll need yearly flu jabs, DNA on record, yearly health checks with weigh in and fitness tests with private health premiums and life insurance reflecting your health pass score.

I am all for my vaxxes but I don't like where this is heading in other countries.

The flu jab knocks me dead for 3-4 weeks every time I get it, haven't had it in about 4 years and haven't had the flu in 20-25yrs.
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ferrrrrrrrrkkkkk yooo must be older than dirt . hahahahaha

i dont go to the Drs - when i got jabbed they wanted to know why i had nil history - " dont go to Drs'

However i have taken advantage of the poo test - al clear , the Cv-19 vax - thank yooo
but also have concerns around the desire to keep on jabbing with boosters .

When some suspects are not even single jabbed ,, seems counter intuitive - it may end up as a ' have - > have nots scenario '


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My workplace and many other here in SA have mandated double jab by 31st Jan or you will not be allowed on site then face disciplinary action.

Some of the mining companies that kicked this trend off have now moved their date forward to 1st December.

I believe Centrelink will require full vax proof (all the vaxxes) for people claiming employment benefits and to claim family tax... so probably all benefits.

Then there is travel interstate, international and entering venues.

There will be nowhere to hide, you simply wont be able to function without your vax.

Since yesterday the MyGovSA app allowed you to display your digital certificate in your check-in app, we set it up last night on moi, missus and the 2 boys phones.


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I believe Centrelink will require full vax proof (all the vaxxes)
So.. Astro, Pfizer and Moderna? ouchies.

I'm due my booster January, will get.
Shit SHOULD start to die down the??? Otherwise I'll just goi hide at the beach house.


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I believe Centrelink will require full vax proof (all the vaxxes) for people claiming employment benefits and to claim family tax... so probably all benefits.
Haha fuck yeah! What a baller move.

Takes care of all the "If I get sacked I'll just take the dole" kents


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so i make no secret that i think aliens/UFOs are real. Now imagine this scenario for a conspiracy theory (given all the government disclosure on UFOs etc):

Covid vaccines are actually vaccine to protect us from some alien pathogen and were being inoculated before a massive arrival event Or vice versa, covid is deadly to aliens and were getting inoculated so there isn't a war of the world scenario where we kill our future overlords before they take over.

Wouldn't that be something! Don't believe this, just a random thought i had while pondering aliens just now :p

(all the usual conspiracy theory caveats apply - eg how would all world govt agree yadda yadda yadda.


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So.. Astro, Pfizer and Moderna? ouchies.
Mumps, Measles, HPV, Meningococcal, tetanus ect... all the child vaccines that an antivaxxer would stop their children getting, well it looks like there will be no claiming family tax for an unvaxxed child.


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I seriously doubt these NEW anti vaxxers have not had those or have not had their kids vaxxed.

That was a conversation I had with a fried recently. She went and had the fizzer the next day
I like that, perhaps from now on, I shall be referring to anti-vaxxers as "the fried", as in "they are all fried" :D


Where did I come from?
"the fried"
LOL, typo but she is fried...

Up until now you could travel or go to the footy without being vaccinated for anything.
Yeah but minimal child care options.
All these fucking nurses that have to have every vax yet refuse to have the covid one, then don't work - yes that is a thing where I am employed.

It's mandatory for many jobs now to be fully vaxxed, MMR Hepatitus etc.


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Well it only took a day.

2 corona cases in SA.

1 positive was an old shedding case from Vic.

The other was a young Vic girl going to visit grandparents, both grandparents vaxxed so it looks to be contained within the household.


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QLD have went back on the $150 test, its the same as SA now, rock up to a free drive thru testing facility, tell them you are travelling, you will get your result by text message and that is sufficient for entry to SA.

Hope the rest of the states adopt this, fckn expensive to pay for 4 family members to enter a state for holiday then re-enter your home state, $150 x 4 in both directions :oops: