COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?


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I can't wait for the QLD exodus to happen - some of these Victorian Caravans can finally fuck off home and get out of the way - Its summer up here now they have normally headed south by this time.


call me Cáitín
I’ll be back in a couple of weeks too ;)
Before the 15th December ?

Probably makes it easier before then as QLD requires a $150 test, though after the 15th Tassie needs a 72hr PCR test.

SA is happy for a traveller to rock up at a testing centre, tell them that you need it to travel and will accept the text message notification as proof.

No cost for PCR tests in SA
In Queensland, PCR tests are free for people with COVID-19 symptoms but those without symptoms will be charged about $150 at a private pathology clinic.

When Queensland opens its border new arrivals must show a negative PCR test to gain entry.

During a press conference earlier today, Mr Marshall was questioned whether PCR tests for COVID-19 would remain free of charge in SA.

"We haven't introduced that here into South Australia and it's not our intention to do so," Mr Marshall said.

"The reality is we want people to get checked in South Australia, I want to make sure we can maintain the great record we've had in terms of keeping the coronavirus at bay.

"We don't see that it's logical for our state to introduce a charge for the pathology services for that PCR test."


Ask me about HoboBlo franchise opportunities
Soooooooo - Calls in place now for the Fully Vaccinated Status to only apply after your booster shot - So if you are eligible for your 3rd shot you are not considered vaccinated - Several overseas countries have made the booster mandatory and imposing fines for not being vaccinated

"That came after French President Emmanuel Macron warned boosters would be mandatory for over-65s in order to travel or visit restaurants or museums.
From December 15, you will need to provide proof of a booster jab to extend the validity of your health pass,” he said in a TV address."

"Austria, the first country in Europe to introduce a blanket mandatory vaccination policy, says people who refuse to get vaccinated from next year will face fines of up to €3600 ($5600), while people who refuse a booster could be fined up to €1500 ($2300)."

"Israel, which led the way in mass vaccinations early, was the first country to make boosters a requirement, announcing last month that people who did not get their third shot would lose their fully vaccinated status.

As of October 3, the government changed the criteria for the so-called “green pass”, shortening its validity to expire six months after the second dose."