Confessions from the fuckwits

pink poodle

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You think that’s bad,I almost bought a new frame last friday night but was too pissed to put the card number in correctly.

No, I won’t post the video a mate took of me raging out.

Yes, I was at it for a long time.

I have mixed feelings about the whole ordeal. I do want a new bike.....
Then want no more!


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It's been a while.
  • Made sure to record the air pressure in my fork before I converted it to coil
  • Didn't stretch the new foam rings and tore them
  • Left the sag indicator off so had to take it back apart
Should have also added:
  • Forgot to put the spacers back in the air side that have to be in there
  • Took the damper side adjustment cap off then forgot at what angle I took it off and turned it a little