Product Review Climbing Shoe Resoles


Eats Squid
Item: Flat shoe resoling
Purchased From:
Purchase Price (approx): $105 with return shipping
Usage: a few rides since.

Pros - give love to old favourite shoes. Save the planet! Improve shit shoes.
Cons - wait time.

When Shimano had the Michelin soles on their flat shoes it wasn't too bad.. but the new ones with Ultread are terrible.

The shoe otherwise perfect and I really wanted to use them.

Climbing Shoe Resoles resoled them with Vibram Idrogrip for $105 including return shipping.. took about 4 weeks and the shoes stick like shit to a blanket now.

They used to do Fiveten Dotty soles, but after Adidas took over you cannot buy the rubber sheets anymore. All reviews have said this Vibram stuff is as good.

Highly recommended.



Eats Squid
Good to know. I'll still get mine resoled at Arapiles climbing shop when the time comes. Have always managed to drop my (climbing) shoes off at the shop on a Sunday, before heading home, and have them in my PO box ready for climbing the following weekend.
He gave me stick one time when I dared to take my shoes elsewhere for a re-sole, this was in the early 90's and someone else was trying to break into the re-sole scene.


Likes Dirt
Well if he serviced all his customers well, and quickly, then there wouldn't be a need for others to spring up. Supply and demand!

I shouldn't be begging him to take my business.
I actually managed to get hold of them in May when I was looking to resolve my 5-10, but they weren't accepting any repairs that deviate from their usual repairs (Rock climbing shoes and Birkenstocks), citing they are super busy.

Thank you for putting the link up for another business. I'll be sending mine to these guys.