VIC Cannondale Jekyll frame and parts


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Item: Cannondale Jekyll, age unknown (to me)
Location: Pascoe Vale, VIC.
Item Condition: Very second hand. It looks like there's a new weld at the top tube - seat tube junction. It looks OK, I dunno.
Reason for selling: Bought it as a project, I was gonna build one of those frankenjekyll bikes, but then I got a case of the cbfs.
Price and price conditions: Free pickup.
Extra Info: The fork feels locked up. I have no idea if it's seized or just compression locked into place. There's a bit of rust I can see on the races, so yeah, it's not ace. The shock looks OK, I tried to cycle it but with my feeble strength it laughed at me. I think the frame is a medium.


that weld doesn't look factory :)

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