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Scotty T

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Got a fast response, not looking good for a pump track this time around but could be in the future, I'll keep up the communication, and maybe I can get onto the consultative committee representing skateboarding.

SFP said:
Thanks for getting in contact – we appreciate feedback!

The Village Green is a part of future plans for the park and it has been endorsed by SSCC (Stromlo Forest Park Strategic Consultative Committee), so it needs to be included. It’s intended to provide a community space as well as an events space to be used by all. In peak visitation all of the carparks are absolutely necessary, however there are other plans in place for other facilities in the masterplan that may work for your group.

The carpark spaces are bigger than standard to accommodate for bikes on racks etc. The aisles are also wider to allow extra room and visibility.

For this particular project, the major elements are at the final stages of the development application.

We appreciate the time you’ve taken and the comments you’ve contributed. If you have any more questions or concerns, please let me know.


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Did a quick lap this morning, more people on E-bikes who have no business being on those trails than I've ever seen before. Also heaps of families with slow young kids on trails that really aren't appropriate for them.
What trails were the ebikes on?